The joint enrollment forms below are valid for a student desiring to take courses through the Nebraska State College System Joint Enrollment Program leading to an undergraduate or graduate degree from the student's Home institution. For the purpose of these forms, the Home institution is the institution which the student is attending full-time (or part-time as a graduate student) in order to receive his or her degree. The Host institution is defined as the institution the student will take coursework from to transfer back to the Home institution.

Please complete the following steps to enroll in a course at another school within the Nebraska State College System:

  1. Meet with your faculty advisor. It is the student's responsibility to consult with his or her advisor at the Home institution for clarification of how the coursework will apply toward his or her degree.
  2. Meet with the financial aid office at the Home institution to fill out the consortium agreement for coursework completed through the NSCS Joint Enrollment Program in order for that coursework to apply toward the student's federal financial aid (if applicable).
  3. Click on your Home institution button below to begin the joint enrollment process:

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State College


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