Priority: Educational Excellence Throughout System


  • Promote educational excellence through academic achievement
  • Create a college experience that enriches the lives of our students and prepares them for their chosen careers
  • Recruit, retain and invest in excellent faculty and staff
  • Strengthen academic programs
  • Create a diverse community


  • Assess student learning outcomes 
  • Provide students with access to effective academic advising
  • Develop practices that foster a culture of inclusion, openness and collaboration among administrators, faculty, staff, and students
  • Increase support for professional development
  • Support an environment that promotes collaborative research and service
  • Facilitate system-wide discipline-based meetings to talk about new initiatives
  • Create system policy for best use of adjunct faculty
  • Strengthen programs for leadership, global connectedness, and service learning
  • Develop and implement a clear policy that defines success
  • Establish environment conducive to creating new programs
  • Strengthen partnerships with the community colleges
  • Enhance coordinated outreach through distance delivery of classes, services, programs, and degrees
  • Implement Student Enrichment Exchange Program