Priority: Financial Strength of the System


  • Ensure financial accountability
  • Increase enrollment and retention
  • Strengthen fiscal, environmental, technological and physical resources
  • Strengthen state funding commitment and continued support
  • Secure public and private funding sources 


  • Develop and implement a plan for optimal enrollment 
  • Increase number of students in residential housing 
  • Increase endowments 
  • Expand master’s degree enrollments and offerings 
  • Increase number of out-of-state students 
  • Keep board of Trustees informed on the financial status of the colleges and system 
  • Continually find ways to stretch limited resources as far as possible 
  • Strengthen connections with legislators 
  • Ensure that plans for resource allocation support system and institutional priorities 
  • Maintain facilities and improve physical environment 
  • Promote innovative funding programs 
  • Implement comprehensive master plans and strengthen investment for technology 
  • Share faculty, courses, and resources 
  • Implement a systemwide survey to discern students needs 
  • Award additional scholarships