Study Abroad Opportunities

Chadron, Peru, and Wayne State offer Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs, which provide opportunities for students to experience learning in other countries. Our upcoming 2019 Faculty-Led Programs offer educational opportunities to explore and learn about Costa Rica, Ireland, and Cuba.

Chadron, Peru, and Wayne State students are welcome to participate in any of these system-wide study abroad programs.

Study Abroad to Cuba LibreCuba Libré  
May 2019 

The course, which is offered in the spring semester of 2019, is variable credit (one to six hours) and can fulfill a number of different degree requirements. The course is offered both in a face to face and on-line environment.  The trip is scheduled for May 2019.This study abroad opportunity provides students with a first-hand understanding of a place that, although 90 miles from Florida, is mostly known through a lingering Cold War prism. The required coursework integrates an in-depth classroom study of Cuba with an educational study-abroad experience. Also, the trip facilitator and in-country guide has a deep knowledge of Cuba and provides an educational experience that allows connection with real Cuban society and people. This opportunity, as mandated by statute, is not a typical tourist trip, but, instead, is an illuminating educational experience.

Learn more about the Cuba Libré study abroad experience.


Study Abroad Costa RicaCosta Rica 
June 2 – July 3, 2019

This study abroad opportunity is a four-week summer program that includes courses, field trips, and a living experience in Costa Rica. All coursework is taught in Spanish. The program is offered in conjunction with the COSI-Máximo Nivel Spanish Institute in Costa Rica.

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Study Abroad, Finland, SwedenEducation in Finland and Sweden  
May 2019

This study abroad experience allows students to learn about the educational system of several European countries.  The experience begins with coursework that is offered during the spring semester of 2019 and culminates in a ten day trip to Europe during May. Students will learn how the Finnish Board of Education afforded a tuition-free education for its students and learn how they maintain an excellent quality of education without homework or standardized tests. Cultural experiences throughout the breathtaking landscapes will give an enriching perspective on the region’s progressive educational practices.

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