NSCS Launches New Website

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It was nearly a year in the making, but a new and greatly improved website for the Nebraska State College System (NSCS) is now live and active!

Stan Carpenter, NCSC Chancellor, is pleased with the new site, especially the Content Management System (CMS) which is the backbone for the organization and use of information on the site, "The CMS took some time for us to get familiar with, but it is the 21st century way to manage and present information, and it's going to serve us well for many years into the future."

Another significant modernization of the site is the responsive format that automatically adjusts to different screen sizes allowing site visitors to easily see the information and images whether they are using a computer screen, tablet or smart phone.

The process, final product, and ongoing maintenance and management of the new website is a collaboration between the System Office in Lincoln and Wayne State College.  Wayne's Network and Technology Services (NATS) group provides the technical expertise for the site as well as the hardware - the secure server - on which the site is hosted.  John Dunning, Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Wayne State said that the experience of developing a new website for the College just prior to being asked to help with the System Office website was good timing, "Yes, we learned many good lessons through the process of creating our new website, and the System Office received the benefits of those lessons."

Stan Carpenter and the System Office thank John Dunning and his crew at NATS, especially Jeremy Nelson, for their good work and assistance in making the new website a reality! 

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