Cost of Attendance

2020 - 2021 Academic Year Tuition (All Colleges)

Approved at the June 18, 2019 Board Meeting 

  • Undergraduate Resident - $186.00 per credit hour
  • Graduate Resident - $232.50 per credit hour
  • Undergraduate Non-Resident - $372.00 per credit hour
  • Graduate Non-Resident - $465.00 per credit hour

Chadron State and Peru State charge $187.00 per credit hour for an Undergraduate Non-Resident student taking classes on-site

Wayne State offers the $187.00 Undergraduate Non-Resident rate at the College Center and a Graduate Non-Resident rate of $233.50 at the College Center.

Fees (Mandatory)

Per semester- 15 credit hours

 Chadron StatePeru StateWayne State
Capital Improvement Fee$180.00$180.00$180.00
Facilities Fee$330.00$450.00$255.00
Student Activity Fee$84.00$90.00$75.00
Event Fee$217.50$116.25$195.00
Technology Fee$165.00$151.50$141.00
Record/Publication Fee$6.15$15.00$15.00


Online Rates (All Colleges)

Flat rate cost for in-state and out-of-state students

  • Undergraduate - $299.00
  • Graduate - $380.00
    • Special Rate for Certain Programs - $359.00

Dual Enrollment Program Rate  (All Colleges)

All-inclusive rate

  • Dual Enrollment - $60.00

Room and Board

Per semester

 Chadron StatePeru StateWayne State
Room (Double Occupancy) and Board 
(200-225 Meals Plan)
$3,830.00$4,170.00 $4,105.00


Approximate Cost of Attending for Fall and Spring 2020-21

Resident Undergraduate (30 Credits)
Books, course materials and living expenses are not included   

 Chadron StatePeru StateWayne State
Room and Board$7,660.00$8,340.00$8,210.00