Dr. Glenn Kietzmann honored for 2017 Nebraska State College System Teaching Excellence Award

Lincoln, Neb. – Dr. Glenn Kietzmann, Wayne State College professor of biology, was honored on Thursday evening at the Nebraska State College System (NSCS) Board of Trustees dinner in Wayne, NE as the 2017 NSCS Teaching Excellence Award Winner. Kietzmann was initially announced as the 2017 recipient at Wayne State College’s spring commencement.

Each year the Nebraska State College System recognizes a faculty member from one of the three state colleges with the Teaching Excellence Award. The award is given in recognition of superior teaching, innovative instructional practice, high educational standards, the creation of productive learning environments, and the ability to inspire and motivate students.

At the Board of Trustees dinner on Thursday, Michelle Suarez, chair of the Academic and Personnel Committee stated, “We are grateful for Dr. Kietzmann’s service and dedication to helping students be the best they can be, even when they don’t see it themselves.” Dr. Kietzmann’s nomination letters continually referenced his “fun yet rigorous” classroom experience and his passion for positioning students for professional school and future careers.

NSCS Chancellor Stan Carpenter said, “Dr. Kietzmann is not only an excellent educator, but a great mentor, advisor, and advocate for our students and their success. His style of teaching reflects the core values, mission and vision of Wayne State College and the Nebraska State College System.”

Dr. Kietzmann has been at Wayne State since 1989 and teaches human anatomy, advanced human anatomy, parasitology, histology, and biomedical ethics. He has served on many committees and currently advises pre-nursing and biology students in the Life Sciences Department at the college. Dr. Kietzmann also helped develop the Rural Health Opportunities Program (RHOP) at Wayne State and is still heavily involved with the program.

“The following comes as a testament to and an acknowledgement of the great teachers I encountered during my own education, which has not yet ended,” Kietzmann said. “There is no greater responsibility and honor for a teacher than to be entrusted with the developing mind and heart of the student that has great desire to do good for all of humanity and who has great courage to eliminate evil in the world.”

Dr. Kietzmann received his Ph.D. at Iowa State University and his master of science and bachelor of science degrees at South Dakota State University. In May of this year, Dr. Kietzmann also received the State Nebraska Bank and Trust Teaching Award.

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