Career Scholarships and Corrections Pathway Included in Budget

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LINCOLN – The Nebraska State Colleges commend the Governor and Nebraska Legislature for, in the face of economic challenges, taking a forward-looking approach in addressing the State’s budgetary challenges and investing in the educational opportunities necessary to meet Nebraska’s workforce needs.

On August 6, the Governor signed LB1008, which includes funding for Chadron State, Peru State, and Wayne State Colleges’ Career Scholarship Program and funding for the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) to establish the Corrections Workforce Development Pathways program, a pioneering partnership between Peru State College and the Department.

“I commend the Governor and the Legislature for their vision and leadership to invest in higher education opportunities for students,” said Dr. Paul Turman, Chancellor of the Nebraska State College System. “The Career Scholarship and the Corrections Pathway programs offer unique opportunities for students to attain their degrees at an affordable cost while also providing the much-needed workforce for Nebraska employers.”

In its first year, the Career Scholarship Program will provide a total of $1 million in scholarships to be awarded to Chadron State College, Peru State College, or Wayne State College students who are pursuing careers in critical workforce areas necessary for the continued economic growth of Nebraska.  Eligible students can choose from a wide range of majors, including rangeland management, computer information systems, industrial technology, education, criminal justice, business administration, and communication, and participate in one or more program-embedded internships with participating employers.  The investment made by this bill will increase the number of graduates in high-demand fields, provide affordable access to a four-year college education, and decrease debt for students in the program.  

The Corrections Workforce Development Pathway represents a one-of-a-kind collaboration between the NDCS and Peru State College intended to address the unique workforce challenges at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution.  

NDCS Director, Scott Frakes said, “NDCS is excited to join Peru State in this innovative, unique approach to long term, high-quality leadership development.  Corrections is an ever-evolving business, and we need people who have the skills and education needed to lead this agency through the decades ahead.  This forward-thinking initiative by the Governor and the Legislature is just one more example of why Nebraska is a national leader in business development.  We are willing to invest in people.”

Peru State Criminal Justice students who select this program will receive scholarships and paid internships at Tecumseh, propelling them toward a career in correctional services.

“Peru State is looking forward to expanding its relationship with the Tecumseh Correctional Facility and the Nebraska Department of Corrections through this new partnership model. The College is excited to help the next generation of leaders in corrections begin here in Nebraska,” said Dr. Dan Hanson, Peru State College President.

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