Ingram Named Teaching Excellence Recipient

Dr. Robert Ingram, Jr.

LINCOLN – The Nebraska State Colleges Board of Trustees has selected Dr. Robert Ingram, Jr. as the 2022 Teaching Excellence Award recipient for the Nebraska State College System. Dr. Ingram was selected during the Board of Trustees meeting on April 21 and will be celebrated during the spring commencement ceremony at Peru State College.

“Dr. Ingram is an outstanding educator who is passionate about the success of each student. His dedication to students reflects the core values, mission and vision of Peru State College and the Nebraska State College System,” said Chancellor Paul Turman of the Nebraska State College System (NSCS). “His dedication and devotion to the field of education serves as an example to those seeking to positively impact students’ lives.”

Each year the NSCS recognizes a faculty member from one of the three State Colleges with the Teaching Excellence Award. A nominee from each College is submitted for consideration after being selected as the College-level Teaching Excellence Award recipient.  The award recognizes superior teaching and advising, innovative instructional practice, high educational standards, and engaging learning environments that inspire and motivate students.

Ingram’s nomination included several letters of support, including these highlighted quotes:  

“Dr. Ingram truly makes a positive impact on each teacher candidate in the education program. He is caring, knowledgeable, positive, understanding, hard-working, and helpful. Dr. Ingram is someone I look up to as a future educator. He inspires me with not only the depth of his knowledge but also the way in which he advocates for each of his teacher candidates. Dr. Ingram has played an extremely important role in my educational journey, and I can only hope to impact my future students the way he has impacted me,” said Amanda Anderson, Teacher Candidate at Peru State.

“Dr. Ingram has devoted his career to building relationships that are meaningful and rewarding, starting with his own students and working outward to the Peru State community, to school districts in the region, and beyond to create opportunities that benefit everyone involved. He has touched the lives of hundreds of teacher candidates who are now teachers themselves, and who are carrying his example forward into classrooms of their own,” said Dr. Michael Evans, President of Peru State College.

“Teaching excellence, to Dr. Ingram, is lived out in so many more ways than through classroom instruction. While his instruction is strong, his knowledge, skills, and dispositions in education are exceptional as well and they show far beyond the four walls of the classroom,” said Dr. Kelly Kingsley, Associate Professor of Education at Peru State College. “He takes great pride in being able to reach every student and to help them be successful.” 

“I am honored to be awarded the Teaching Excellence Award.  My love of teaching has been rewarded time and time again through the relationships established with students, faculty, staff, and community members. I truly embrace goal one of our school’s Strategic Plan and work diligently to provide opportunities for students to attain academic excellence through engagement,” said Dr. Robert Ingram, Jr., Associate Professor of Education. 

Ingram earned his Ed.D. in educational administration and supervision, masters in learning disabilities, and bachelors in elementary education and special education from the University of Nebraska – Omaha.   

"I am a first-generation student, and it was a really hard decision for me to attend college or not. Then, I found Peru State College. With the scholarships and affordable living expenses here, Peru made the decision a lot less difficult."

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