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LINCOLN – The Nebraska State College System (NSCS) recently released an economic impact report, demonstrating the collective impact of Chadron, Peru, and Wayne State Colleges on Nebraska. This independent report illustrates that the NSCS adds $564.8 million in income to the Nebraska economy each year, signifying that your State Colleges are working for Nebraska.

“The report released is both extensive and insightful, and confirms how vital the Colleges are for students, the rural regions they serve, and Nebraska,” said Dr. Paul Turman, Chancellor of the NSCS. 

Chadron, Peru, and Wayne State contribute to a thriving workforce and grow the local and state economies. With an annual state investment of just under $56 million to support the State Colleges, the NSCS generated $10 of economic impact for every $1 invested. The NSCS’ overall return on investment and jobs supported by industry are featured in the report. 

10,593 Nebraska jobs are supported by the economic impact of the NSCS, meaning that the Colleges and their students support one out of every 127 jobs in Nebraska.

The average State College bachelor’s degree graduate will see annual earnings $22,100 higher than a person with a high school diploma or equivalent working in Nebraska. Over a working lifetime, the benefits of a bachelor’s degree over a high school diploma will amount to an undiscounted value of $928,200 in higher earnings per graduate

Turman said, “This report affirms how significantly the contributions of Chadron, Peru, and Wayne State Colleges directly fuel the Nebraska economy. I urge you to visit our website at to download the full reports and learn more about how the State Colleges are working for Nebraska.”

About Nebraska State College System: 
Established in 1867, the Nebraska State College System (NSCS) consists of three state colleges; Chadron State, Peru State, and Wayne State. An established partner within the rural communities they serve, the colleges provide an engaging, personalized, and rewarding college experience. NSCS is committed to providing a high-quality four-year education that is affordable and accessible to all students. Chadron State College, Peru State College, Wayne State College, the System Office, and the Board of Trustees constitute the Nebraska State College System.

About Emsi:
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