Workforce Placement

The Nebraska State College System (NSCS) Placement Dashboard provides data on the most recent graduates from Chadron, Peru, and Wayne State Colleges regarding their employment or graduate school enrollment in Nebraska one year after graduation.  Data are collected from the Nebraska State College System (NSCS), the Nebraska Department of Labor (NDOL), and the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) and are available for State College graduates from 2013-14 through 2018-19 to provide an overall placement picture for each cohort.  Users are also able to evaluate placement based on several key indicators that include degree type, the field of study, and residency status.  The interactive tool is designed to help stakeholders answer specific questions that include, but are not limited to:

  • The placement percentage for all graduates in the State College System;
  • Placement differentials for resident and non-resident students;
  • Industry sectors served by graduates based on degree program completion; and
  • Rate of placement for each degree program using Federal Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP).

It is important to note several cautions when interpreting the data depicted in the tool. The data only represents the placement of graduates in Nebraska during the first quarter after one year of graduation. Those graduates who may have found employment outside of Nebraska or are not captured in the Nebraska Department of Labor records (i.e., Federal Employees, Self-employed, Military-ROTC, etc.) will not be represented. Notable findings include: 

  • Nebraska residents were placed at a rate of 69.8% within one year of graduation;
  • Education graduates had the overall highest placement rate at 83.3% regardless of student residency status; and
  • Overall placement rates have increased by 1.9% when comparing the 2013-14 graduates against the most recent graduate cohorts in 2016-17.