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Nebraska State College System students are catalysts for change. Hands-on work experience and service-learning opportunities prepare them to play an active role both on and off-campus. 

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Growing Nebraska

Knowledge 8,000+

students each year

Impacting Workforce

through educational centers

Changing Experiences

through internships

A New Generation Choose NE

for their home after graduation

“Chadron State offers an affordable option to young people wanting to further themselves. The college brings value to the Nebraska panhandle by producing quality talent in many fields. Often times this talent remains in the area further developing the people and the State of Nebraska.”

Photo of Ryan Jueneman

Ryan Jueneman

Chadron State College

"I am a first-generation student, and it was a really hard decision for me to attend college or not. Then, I found Peru State College. With the scholarships and affordable living expenses here, Peru made the decision a lot less difficult."

Photo of Carlene Riley

Carlene Riley

Peru State College

Wayne State allows for quality education at a fair price. Without this institution and the scholarships it has awarded me, I would not be able to achieve my dream of attending medical school. I plan to benefit Nebraska with my education by becoming a physician that practices medicine in rural areas.

Photo of Jaden Moore

Jaden Moore

Wayne State College

Wayne State is an amazing school, not only is it affordable for students, but there are leadership opportunities, jobs, and an overall sense of community embedded deep within the roots of our school.

Photo of Abigail Janousek

Abigail Janousek

Wayne State College

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Serving Nebraska and Students since 1867

The Nebraska State College System (NSCS) consists of the three state colleges; Chadron State, Peru State, and Wayne State. An established partner within the rural communities they serve, the colleges provide an engaging, personalized and rewarding college experience. NSCS is committed to providing a high-quality four-year education that is affordable and accessible to all students.