Teaching Excellence Award Guidelines


All full-time faculty with a minimum of four years of continuous employment at a Nebraska State College and teaching a minimum of 15 credit hours during the academic year shall be considered eligible for nomination for the Nebraska State College System Teaching Excellence Award.  Previous award recipients are ineligible to apply if they have received the award within the past seven years.  


    A faculty member considered for the award shall be currently demonstrating superior ability in most, if not all, of the criteria listed below in no particular order. Of paramount consideration in any analysis of teaching excellence is the willingness of the teacher to undertake those activities which will enhance and expand the learning experience for the students and recent or current evidence of such activities.

    1. An active and positive record of service to students as an academic, professional, or personal advisor. Inherent in this role is the assumption that the nominee is readily and willingly available to students for advice and guidance.
    2. Active involvement in faculty development programs (such as research, continuing study, self-initiated study, academic short courses, etc.), and successful application of the knowledge and skills in his/her teaching.
    3. Development of innovative course offerings or programs of study providing enhanced educational opportunities for students within or outside of the classroom. These courses or programs should be of a high level of professional quality.
    4. Development of innovative teaching techniques and regular application of these techniques in the classroom.
    5. Development of strategies to enhance, strengthen and encourage student engagement in the learning process.
    6. Demonstration of sensitivity to and respect for student inquiry and discussion, both in and out of the classroom.
    7. Presentation of course materials in an interesting, stimulating, and scholarly manner.
    8. Presentation of pertinent, timely, and reliable knowledge relative to the coursework, as well as the relationships between and across related areas of study.