Board of Trustees Business Meeting

August 9, 2019,
11:30 AM CDT

Lied Lodge, Rosenow Room C
Nebraska City, Nebraska

Full Agenda Packet


Call to Order

 Approval of Meeting Agenda
 Public Comments
 Minutes Approval
1.Items for Consent Agenda
 1.1Approve Amendment to Transfer Initiative Memorandum of Agreement with Northeast Community College for Wayne State College
 1.2Approve Amended Joint Program Agreement with Metropolitan Community College for Wayne State College
 Items for Discussion and Action
2.Academic and Personnel
 2.1Approve Addendum to Amended Collaborative Agreement
3.Student Affairs, Marketing, and Enrollment
4.Fiscal, Facilities and Audit
 4.1Approve Naming of Choir Room in Jindra Fine Arts Building for Peru State
 Items for Information and Discussion
5.Academic and Personnel
6.Student Affairs, Marketing, and Enrollment
7.Fiscal, Facilities, and Audit
8.Miscellaneous Action and Information Items
 i.Chancellor's Report
 ii.Presidents' Report
 iii.Student Trustees' Report