Board of Trustees Business Meeting

September 12, 2019,
2:30 PM MDT

Chadron State College
Sandoz Center, Chicoine Atrium 
Chadron, Nebraska


Call to Order


    Approval of Meeting Agenda - View agenda

     Public Comments

    Minutes Approval

     Items for Consent Agenda
     1.1Approve Revisions to Organizational Chart – PSC
     1.2Approve Amendment to Northeast Community College Agreement – WSC
     1.3Approve Elimination of Health Sciences Supplemental Endorsement Prior to Implementation – PSC
     1.4Approve LB 309 Allocations and Retrievals
     1.5Approve Authorization for Chancellor to Sign Construction Contract for ADA Accessibility to Delzell Hall and Campus Services Building from Campus Quad – PSC
     1.6Approve Write-Off of Uncollectible Accounts
     1.7Approve Reallocation of Contingency Maintenance Funds – PSC
     1.8Chancellor Travel
    --- Items for Discussion and/or Action ---
    2.Academic and Personnel
     2.1Approve NSCS Strategic Plan
     2.2First Round Approval of Revisions to Board Policy 2510; Mission Statement; Core Values and Vision Statement
     2.3Approve Memorandum of Understanding with ESU4 – PSC
     2.4Approve 3+2 Agreements with University of Nebraska Medical Center and Midland University – WSC
     2.5Approve Ecuador Study Abroad Agreement with Trek Ecuador – WSC
     2.6Approve New International Location in Aruba – WSC
     2.7Approve Resolution for Wrap Plan Document and Cafeteria Plan Document
     2.8Approve Online Program Management Contract – PSC
    3.Student Affairs, Marketing, and Enrollment
     3.1First and Final Round Approval of Revisions to Board Policy 3100; Conduct & Discipline; Students and Revisions to Board Policy 3200; Due Process – Students
     3.2First and Final Round Approval of Revisions to Board Policy 3400; Tuition Remission
    4.Fiscal, Facilities and Audit
     4.1First and Final Round Approval of Revisions to Board Policy 7015; Contracts; Limitations, Exemptions
     4.2Approve Fund Carryforwards
     4.3Approve Amendment to Food Service Contract – PSC
     4.4First and Final Round Approval of Deletion of Board Policy 8040; Security Operations and Revisions to Board Policy 8005; Trespass; Policy and Procedure
     4.5Approve 1% Artist and Art Design for Theatre/Event Center – PSC
    5.Chancellor Information Items
     5.1Report on Personnel Actions
     5.2Foundation Employee Compensation Report – WSC
     5.3Capital Construction Quarterly Reports (As of June 30, 2019)
     5.4Physical Plant Status Reports (April – June 2019)
     5.5LB 309 Project Status Reports (January – June 2019)
     5.6Contingency Maintenance Progress Reports (as of June 30, 2019)
     5.7Contracts and Change Orders for Information
     5.8Year-End Operating Expenditure Reports
     5.9Year-End Financial Reports
     5.10Grant Applications and Awards
    6.College Information Items
     6.1Identify Board Representatives for Fall 2019 Commencement (Dec.13)
     6.2Presidents' Reports
     6.3Student Trustees' Reports


    The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Nebraska State Colleges will be held November 14, 2019 at Wayne State College.