Board of Trustees Meeting



  • Chadron State College, 10th & Main, Chadron, NE
  • Peru State College, 600 Hoyt Street, Peru, NE
  • Nebraska State College System Office, 1327 H Street, Lincoln, NE 
    3rd Floor Conference Room
  • Wayne State College, 1111 Main Street, Wayne, NE

Schedule for the Day (Central Time): 

8:00 a.m. - 12:00Executive Session
2:15 p.m.

Board of Trustees Business Meeting 

Facilities Corporation Annual Meeting
(Facilities Corporation Annual Meeting will immediately follow the Business Meeting)


Call to order

Approval of Meeting Agenda
Public Comments
Minutes Approval
1.Items for Consent Agenda
 1.1Approve Authorization for Chancellor to Sign Managed Print/Copy Contract for Wayne State College (AP)
 1.2Approve Amendment to Dining Service Agreement for Peru State College (FFA)
 1.3Approve Authorization for Chancellor to Sign Construction Contract for Peru State College (FFA)
 1.4Approve LB 309 Allocations and Retrievals (FFA)
Items for Discussion and Action
2.Academic and Personnel
 2.1Approve Addition of Bachelor of Arts in Advanced English Studies Comprehensive Major for Chadron State College
 2.2Approve Amendment to Agreement with City of Chadron for Pool for Chadron State College
 2.3Approve Agreement with Tecumseh State Correctional Institution for Peru State College to Establish the Correctional Workforce Development Pathway Program
 2.4Approve Elimination of Bachelor of Science Degree for Art Comprehensive Major for Wayne State College
3.Student Affairs, Marketing, and Enrollment
 3.1Approve Fall Enrollment Reports
4.Fiscal, Facilities and Audit
 4.1First and Final Round Approval of Revisions to Board Policy 6021; Income; Tuition, Online Rate and Dual Enrollment Rate
 4.2First Round Approval of Revisions to Board Policy 8016; College Facility Master Plans
 4.3Accept Revenue Bond Audit Report for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2020
 4.4Approve Cash Fund Adjustments
 4.5Approve Revised Proposed Fee Schedules
 4.6Accept Remission Fund Award Report by Category
Items for Information and Discussion
5.Chancellor Informational Items
 5.12025 Strategic Plan Update
 5.2Reports of Personnel Actions
 5.3Waiver of ACT/SAT Scores for Board of Trustee Scholarships
 5.4Student Trustee Selection Update
 5.5Year-End Revenue Bond Expenditure Reports
 5.6Grant Applications and Awards
 5.7Capital Construction Quarterly Reports
 5.8Contracts and Change Orders for Information
 5.9Chancellor's Travel Report
6.College Informational Items
 i.Remind Board Representatives of Fall 2020 Commencement (TBD)
 ii.Student Trustees' Reports