Academic Calendars and Critical Dates

The NSCS prepares five years of academic calendars and two years of academic affairs critical dates for our Colleges and academic leads. 

Academic Calendars

Board Policy 4001 states that all units of the Nebraska State College System will utilize the same semester calendar. Below is the academic calendar schedule to be observed by each College for the upcoming five-year period.

2020-2021 Academic Calendar

Download 2020-21 Academic Calendar

 Fall SemesterSpring Semester
Faculty OrientationAugust 14N/A
Classes BeginAugust 17January 11
Labor Day HolidaySeptember 7N/A
Mid-Term BreakN/AMarch 8-12
Fall/Spring BreakN/AApril 5
Last Day of ClassesNovember 20May 3
Exam WeekNovember 23-25May 4-7
CommencementTBDMay 8
December TermNov. 30 - Dec. 18