Academic Program Approval and Review

Board Policy 4200 establishes the expectations for:

  • Approval of new academic offerings for the State Colleges 
  • Review of existing programs currently being offered by the State Colleges 

The processes for each are described below, along with supporting documents that provide guidelines and suggested templates for Colleges to use in the development of their academic program materials.

      New Academic Program Approval Process

      All new academic programs, which include degrees; majors; options/concentrations, focus areas and endorsements within majors: certificates and minors, require prior approval of the Board. Proposals for new academic programs shall be submitted to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Planning and Partnerships for initial review and recommendation to the Chancellor and Board of Trustees. 

      Academic program termination and subsequent reinstatement of a program also requires the submission of a formal proposal identifying the College’s recommendation, for approval of the Board. In all cases, the Board may require objective consultants to assist the Board in analyzing the proposal and arriving at a decision. 

      Existing Program Review Process

      Existing academic programs shall be reviewed on a regular basis by each College, following the academic program review schedule established by the Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education (CCPE) for the Nebraska State Colleges. Such review shall be for the purpose of determining the quality and effectiveness of each academic program, the efficiency with which each is delivered, and for the purpose of avoiding unnecessary duplication.

      Each College shall perform the review according to the established CCPE program review schedule and shall submit a report which compiles the results to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Planning and Partnerships for review, along with supporting documentation and a recommendation for each program reviewed. Each program report will be considered by the Board for the continuation of the program; those programs approved for continuation will then have their reports forwarded for consideration and approval by the CCPE. 

      Existing Program Review Schedule

      Chadron StatePeru StateWayne State
      NoneNoneMass Communication

      Updated 12/19/19, Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education