Organizational Management Program

A cooperative program with online courses offered through Chadron, Peru and Wayne State Colleges.

36-credit hour online program crafted to meet the needs of rising leaders in a variety of organizational settings.

Core courses provide the background needed for successful leaders in corporate, government or not-for-profit settings.

Flexibility for students whose work arrangements or personal situations require special consideration.

  • Program Core (18 credits)
    A student must complete 18 credit hours in the following competency areas: graduate research design and methods, organizational management and leadership courses.
  • Thesis/Scholarship Project, Internship, Project/Internship (6 credits)
    Student must complete a thesis/scholarship project, an internship or a combination project and internship to satisfy this six (6) credit hour graduate research or application component core.
  • Areas of Concentration (12 credits)

Areas of Concentration

Entrepreneurial and Economic Development - Offered at Peru State College

The specialization blends coursework in leadership, community and economic development, and entrepreneurship. Graduates will be uniquely prepared to start their own business, foster development of new enterprises in their communities and facilitate a company’s evolution to a more innovative and growth-oriented corporate culture. The program also provides students an opportunity within each course to explore their own business and community enhancement projects.

Human Services - Offered at Chadron State College

This specialization is designed for those with undergraduate degrees, practical experience and professional credentials in fields such as nursing, psychology, social work, criminal justice, counseling, communications, public administration and higher education. Students will earn an advanced, specialized graduate degree that will specifically enhance their career path progress.

Information Technology Management - Offered at Wayne State College

The courses in this specialization provide the background and additional instruction that graduate students need to prepare adequately for dealing with the impacts of information technology in a wide range of career fields. Students learn how to proactively anticipate change, manage information technologies and understand the impact of those technologies on their organizations. This specialization offers preparation relevant to individuals from a variety of corporate, government and not-for-profit settings.

Natural Resources - Offered at Chadron State College

This specialization develops unique organizational and leadership skills within the fields of physical and natural sciences. Students will have the opportunity to explore specific areas related to natural resource conservation, preservation and productivity. Graduates will be prepared for careers in range conservation management, habitat restoration, public land and resource management, conservation education and wildlife, land and water resources.

Sports and Recreation Management - Offered at Chadron State College & Wayne State College

This specialization offers a market advantage by delivering business skills with practical industry knowledge and experience. It includes any combination of skills related to planning, organizing, leading and evaluating within an organization whose primary product or service is related to sport or physical activity. Using a multidisciplinary graduate approach, students will be prepared for careers in sports industry management, coaching, administration or sports and recreation sales and marketing.

Program Contacts: 

Chadron State College
Dr. Grant Sasse
Dean of Curriculum, Accreditation and the School of Professional Studies & Applied Sciences
Phone: (308)432-6330

Peru State College
Dr. Greg Seay
Dean of Graduate Programs
Phone: (402) 872-2283

Wayne State College
Dr. Ronald Loggins
Dean of the School of Science, Health, and Criminal Justice School
Phone: (402) 375-7030