Nebraska State College System Online Courses

Online courses are offered by the three state colleges at Chadron, Peru and Wayne. To identify which courses are available for a specific term, please use course search link below and follow these instructions:

  1. Select Institution and Term
  2. If you want to search for online courses specific to a Subject Area, please select a Subject. Otherwise leave it blank and all courses will be displayed.
  3. Click the arrow next to Additional Search Criteria, which will provide access to specific aspects of the courses. Go to Mode of Instruction and select ONLINE.
  4. Click SEARCH at the bottom of the box.

A listing of all available online courses that the College is scheduled to offer will be provided. If you want detailed information on any of the courses, click the section link of the course and it will be displayed. Click VIEW SEARCH RESULTS to return to the list of courses.

At any time, you can click NEW SEARCH to begin a different search, or MODIFY SEARCH to change your search parameters.

Search the schedule of classes.